LEFEET S1 PRO | The Ultimate Modular Water Scooter

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The world’s first Modular Water Scooter



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The World’S First Modular Water Scooter

This so called modular design allows you to mix and match parts and accessories for versatile uses, such as mounting on scuba tank, attaching to legs, and most importantly motorising paddle boards.

Standard Mode

Experience the perfect balance of grace and power, ensuring every dive is as memorable as it is effortless.

Leg Mount

The Leg Mount is a specially designed to attach two LEFEET S1 PRO units to your legs. It offers a hands-free experience, giving you the freedom to dive.

Tank Mount

The Tank Mount is an accessory that allows you to secure one or two LEFEET S1 PRO unit to your diving tank. Let the power and your diving equipment archive an unprecedented integration and enjoy a comfortable diving experience.

SUP Mount

SUP / Multi-Purpose Mount Kit Compatible with most paddle boards on the market.. Therefor this allows you to enjoy the benefits of propulsion while paddle-boarding.

Floating Fins

Floating Fins is specifically designed so it can help maintain the desired neutral buoyancy because of the LEFEET S1 PRO unit.

Dual Rail Kit

The Dual Rail Kit is designed to securely hold two LEFEET S1 PRO units. It provides a convenient and stable mounting solution for users who require multiple S1 PRO units for different activities.

Single Hand Rail Kit

The Single Hand Rail Kit allows you to hold the LEFEET S1 PRO unit with a single hand. In conclusion free you with one hand to do equalisation when free-diving or photographing.

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Dual Set, Dual Set Plus with Extra Batteries, Standard, Standard Plus with Extra Battery


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