MOAI 11′ SUP – A fast and versatile board


MOAI 11′ SUP – Fast and versatile board for unforgettable adventures!



MOAI 11′ SUP – Fast and versatile board for unforgettable adventures!


Length: 335
Width: 76
Height: 15
Volume: 284
Weight: 10.00
Load capacity: 150
Maximum Pumping Pressure: 18psi
Manoeuvrability: 80
Stability: 70
Speed: 80

Are you looking for a SUP board that will provide you with speed, manoeuvrability and comfort? MOAI 11′ is the perfect choice for you! This versatile board is suitable for both beginners and experienced SUPers, offering an unparalleled experience on the water.

Here’s what makes MOAI 11′ so special:

    • Fast and versatile: The MOAI 11′ is designed with a longer and narrower shape, making it faster and more manoeuvrable than other SUP boards on the market. It is suitable for a variety of water activities including rowing, kayaking (with the addition of a kayak seat), surfing and more.
    • Stable and durable: It is made of high-quality materials and equipped with X-drop stitching technology and Heat Bonded technology, which guarantee maximum rigidity and stability.
    • Comfortable: The board has a kick pad that provides better grip and control when paddling.
    • Lightweight and portable: The MOAI 11′ is surprisingly light for its length, making it easy to carry and store.
    • Included accessories: The board comes with a set of accessories including:

Luggage net: For storing personal belongings.

High-quality construction: MOAI 11′ is made of strong and durable material, ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Eco-friendly design: The fusion technology used in the production of the board is environmentally friendly without compromising on quality.


MOAI 11′ is the perfect choice for:

    • Experienced SUPers: This board is ideal for those looking for speed, manoeuvrability and high performance.
    • Water Sports Enthusiasts: The MOAI 11′ is a great choice to diversify your water adventures, whether you enjoy paddling, kayaking, surfing or just want to relax on the water.
    • People looking for a quality and environmentally friendly SUP board: the MOAI 11′ is built to the highest standards and is environmentally friendly.


Don’t hesitate! Order your MOAI 11′ today and enjoy unforgettable water experiences!


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Additional information

Weight 16,100 kg
Dimensions 335 × 76 × 15 mm


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