UONE Super 11’6 SUP Board 2024 (350 cm)


UONE Super 11’6″ SUP Board 2024 is perfect for you! Versatile, stable, with high load capacity and included accessories – perfect for beginners and experienced rowers. Order now and enjoy the water adventures!



UONE Super 11’6 SUP Board 2024 – Discover the joy of riding SUP!


Length: 350
Width: 81
Height: 15
Volume: 317
Weight: 10.00
Load capacity: 130
Maximum Pumping Pressure: 15psi
Course Maintenance: 80
Manoeuvrability: 70
Stability: 90
Speed: 80

Looking for a SUP board that is both cheap, strong and easy to handle?

UONE Super 11’6″ SUP Board 2024 is the perfect choice for you! This board is perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers looking for a board that can handle anything the water throws at them.

Why choose UONE Super 11’6″ SUP Board 2024?

    • Excellent value for money: This board offers unmatched quality at a low price.
    • Universal: It is suitable for both beginners and experienced rowers.
    • Stable and manoeuvrable: The touring shape and width of the board make it stable and easy to control.
    • Wear-resistant: It is made of high-quality materials with modern welding technology.
    • High load capacity: It can carry up to 230 kg, making it ideal for an adult with a child or large luggage.
    • Accessories included: The kit includes all the necessary accessories to start paddling.


Don’t wait any longer! Order the UONE Super 11’6″ SUP Board 2024 and enjoy the pleasure of SUP riding!

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Additional information

Weight 15,000 kg
Dimensions 350 × 81 × 15 mm


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