UONE Super 12’6 SUP Board 2024 (381 см)


With a length of 381 cm and a width of 83 cm, this board is perfect for fast paddling and good manoeuvrability. The sturdy construction and high load capacity (300 kg) make it suitable for two people. All necessary accessories are also included.



UONE Super 12’6′ SUP Board 2024: Discover the joy of SUP riding!


Length: 381
Width: 83
Height: 15
Volume: 355
Weight: 10.00
Load capacity: 150
Maximum Pumping Pressure: 15psi
Course Maintenance: 90
Manoeuvrability: 70
Stability: 90
Speed: 90

Looking for a SUP board that is fast, stable and suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers?

UONE Super 12’6″ SUP Board 2024 is the perfect choice for you! This board has a classic length, sturdy construction and comes with a wide range of accessories including a fiberglass paddle.

Why choose UONE Super 12’6″ SUP Board 2024?

    • Fast and manoeuvrable: The length of 381 cm and the width of 83 cm make it ideal for fast paddling and good manoeuvrability.
    • Stable: Double-layer and welded construction makes it stable and wear-resistant.
    • Suitable for different levels of experience: Can be used by both beginners and experienced rowers.
    • High load capacity: It can carry up to 300 kg, making it ideal for two people.
    • Accessories included: The kit includes all the necessary accessories to start paddling.


Don’t wait any longer! Order your UONE Super 12’6″ SUP Board 2024 and enjoy the water adventures!

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Additional information

Weight 15,000 kg
Dimensions 381 × 83 × 15 mm


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