Simeon Petrov, a seasoned Greek-Bulgarian skipper, has mastered the art of navigating the enchanting waters of Greece, the Balearic Islands during the balmy summers, and the captivating Caribbeans when winter unfurls. Fluent in Bulgarian, Greek, English, and Russian, Simeon embarked on his professional journey in 2017, though his love for sailing traces back to 2008. His expertise isn’t just confined to steering through serene waters; he’s also an avid participant in various regattas. Simeon thrives on forming new friendships, exploring unseen territories, and is proficient in a range of outdoor activities including snorkelling, fishing, diving, and hiking. With a preference for 40-55 foot catamarans, his adventures are as boundless as the seas he traverses.



Labros Lekkas, a seasoned Greek skipper, has been gracefully navigating the Ionian Islands since 2019, in pursuit of the most breathtaking sunsets. Fluent in both Greek and English, his expertise extends beyond sailing. Labros is adept in snorkelling, fishing, diving, and revels in the beauty of the islands through tracking and hiking. His journey on the sea intertwines with the allure of adventure, making every voyage with him a unique exploration. For those seeking to embark on a memorable journey across the Ionian waters, Labros is promising an experience rich with the essence of the Greek seas.




Dimitrios Softas, a seasoned Greek skipper, has been navigating the enchanting waters of Greece since 2011, professionally steering since 2018. Fluent in Greek and English, his journey began with a passion for sailing, later expanding to kite coaching. Dimitrios thrives on the joy of making new friends and exploring uncharted territories. His versatility extends beyond sailing; he’s adept at snorkeling, fishing, diving, cooking, and embracing the natural beauty of the islands through tracking and hiking. An avid drone photographer, Dimitrios is also an advanced scuba diver with over 500 dives, a skilled spear fisher, and a distinguished kitesurfer, clinching the Greek Championship titles in 2013, 2014, and 2015. His life, a blend of adventure and artistry, mirrors his love for the sea and its boundless horizons.




Alex Skerl, the Italian skipper, gracefully navigates the azure waters of Greece, perpetually in pursuit of breathtaking sunsets. With fluency in Italian, English, and Spanish, he embarked on his professional skipper journey in 2003, though his love affair with sailing traces back to 1985. Currently, he charts courses through the enchanting Ionian, Aegean, and Caribbean seas. His cherished havens include Cefalonia, Tobago, and Guanaja. Beyond sailing prowess, Alex boasts mechanical and electrical expertise, adept at sail repairs, rigging, and conquering ocean passages. Licensed to helm sailing and power boats up to 24 meters, his domain knows no bounds from the shore.




Apostolos Tsiokos, a Greek skipper, currently navigates the sunsets of Greece, fluent in Greek, English, Italian, and Romanian. With 30 years of expertise on catamarans and speedboats, his sailing journey commenced in 1992, transitioning to professional skippering in 1996. Alongside a 32-year tenure as a physical education teacher, his passion for swimming, tennis, and alpine skiing thrives. For a decade, he instructed open sea sailing, including youth programs at the Nautical Club of Lefkada. Mastering the Ionian’s nuances, from the most beautiful beaches to vibrant harbours, he’s earned the nickname “admiral” among peers. A congenial communicator, he cherishes cultural exchanges, promising an unforgettable voyage under his seasoned helm.




Darina Kara, a Greek-Bulgarian skipper, gracefully sails the azure waters of Greece, fervently pursuing mesmerising sunsets. Fluent in Greek, English, Croatian, and Bulgarian, she embodies seamless communication across diverse seas. With a voyage initiated in 2015, her professional journey as a skipper began in 2016, now navigating the enchanting Ionian Islands. Beyond her adept seamanship, Darina excels in ancillary skills, mastering snorkeling, fishing, diving, culinary artistry, and night navigation. Her commitment to both the maritime craft and the exploration of Mediterranean wonders renders her a quintessential maestro of the seas, blending proficiency with passion.




George Filippou, a Greek skipper, sails the Greek seas, chasing sunsets in Greece’s Ionian islands. Fluent in Greek, German, and English, he embarked on his professional skipper journey in 2010, though his love affair with sailing dates back to 1990. His extensive experiences, both at sea and in theatrical arts, have sculpted him into a confident and affable individual. From early customer interactions to his immersion in the arts, George’s character exudes warmth and openness. With each voyage, he eagerly anticipates forging new connections, welcoming all to share in the beauty of the sea and the joy of sailing.




Nasos Raptis, a seasoned Greek skipper, currently embraces the allure of chasing sunsets across the enchanting waters of Greece. Hailing from Serres, Greece, in 1963, Nasos maritime journey was ignited in Athens, where he pursued studies in electrical engineering and later architecture in Italy. With a multilingual proficiency in Greek, English, Italian, and even ancient Greek, Nasos seamlessly bridges cultures across the seas. For three decades, he has navigated various vessels, from monohulls to catamarans and motor ships, orchestrating daily and week-long cruises, flotillas, and even competitive races. Nasos expertise spans the Aegean and Adriatic, exploring countless Greek islands with unparalleled finesse. During winters, he retreats to a serene farm in Serres, tending to agriculture and crafting traditional Greek tsipouro, embodying a life harmonised with both land and sea.




Rocco Memmi, an Italian skipper, currently sails amidst Greece’s enchanting sunsets. Proficient in Italian, English, Spanish, and basic Greek, he embarked on his professional skipper journey in 2005, though his love for sailing traces back to 2004. Navigating the azure waters of Greece and Italy, his expertise extends beyond steering, encompassing snorkeling, fishing, diving, culinary artistry, and night navigation. Holding an Italian sailing license sans limits, along with basic STCW courses and GMDSS certification, Rocco Memmi epitomises seasoned seamanship, blending skill with a deep-seated passion for the sea’s boundless wonders.




Approved Skippers Applications

To charter any of the Nautero yachts you must be an Approved Skipper. Applicants must hold a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Certificate of Competence as a Yachtmaster Coastal, Offshore or Ocean, to register as a CSSA Approved Skipper (Coastal) or Approved Skipper (Offshore):

You can download an application form below. You will need to supply the following details:

Your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail, and CSSC/CSSA membership numbers.

A photocopy of your RYA Certificate of Competence as Yachtmaster (Coastal) or Yachtmaster (Offshore).

A photocopy of your Ofcom VHF Shortwave Radio Operator’s Certificate of competence.

A photocopy of your current and valid RYA First Aid certificate (or equivalent).

The contact details for two CSSA Approved Skippers at equivalent or higher standard than that applied for with whom you have sailed and who have agreed to act as referees.

Information on any illness or disability (angina, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.) that may be relevant to your capacity as a skipper.

Upon completion of a successful application you will be added to the CSSA Approved Skipper register and issued with the appropriate CSSA Skipper card for Area Category 3 or Area Category 2 (see ‘CSSA’s Expectations’ below).

There are currently around 200 approved skippers who charter the CSSA yachts for weekend and weekly cruising and racing events throughout the year. Training events are factored in, often combined with the long summer cruises which enable those undertaking RYA coastal skipper courses or preparing for yachtmaster qualifications to sail alongside those learning to sail for the first time.

Contact OUR OFFICE  or write us directly via our Skippers only Contact Form at the end of this page:

Skippers are responsible for:

  • delivering safety briefings in accordance with Annex 9 of the blue CoP (and Annex 7 of MGN280);
  • making handovers in accordance with Annex 8 of the blue CoP (and Annex 8 of MGN280);
  • assembling a crew with sufficient competence for the intended passage (or limiting passages according to the strength of the crew);
  • logging and reporting to the Division all incidents that involve the yacht and crew individually or with a 3rd party;
  • obtaining their operating Division’s permission (and where necessary the approval of the CSSA General Committee) to sail outside the limits applicable to their qualification, and for informing their crew that this permission has been obtained.

Operating Divisions are responsible for:

  • Obtaining for the yacht a Certificate of Compliance from a Certifying Authority in accordance with clause 27.5 of the blue CoP (and Clause 27.3 of the Annex to MGN280);
  • arranging annual self examination of yachts (using form SCV2) in accordance with clause of the blue CoP (and Clause of the Annex to MGN280)and reporting the findings to CSSA;
  • providing a manual containing sufficient information for CSSA skippers to operate the yacht safely;
  • maintaining and operating the yacht in accordance with clause 27.8 of the blue CoP (and Clause 27.7 of the Annex to MGN280);
  • assisting CSSA Skippers to provide adequate safety briefings aboard their yacht;
  • assisting CSSA Skippers to make adequate handovers of their yacht;
  • restricting Skippers to Area Categories commensurate with their experience and qualifications – and within the strict requirements of the blue CoP (and Annex 7 to MGN280) for skippered cruises;
  • reporting to the CSSA of any major damage to the yacht, incidents involving 3rd  parties, and injury to the crew;
  • notifying the CSSA if their yacht does not continue to comply with the blue CoP (and MGN280);
  • satisfying themselves that the skipper and crew of all charters are competent for the intended voyage;
  • Recording in their Division Committee Minutes each case of any permissions given to skippers to sail beyond the limits of their formal qualifications;


The CSSA is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a register of CSSA approved skippers and the Area Categories in which they can provide skippered cruises according to their RYA examined competence;
  • reporting of major damage to the CSSC and the Certifying authority;
  • notifying the CSSC and the Certifying Authority if a CSSA yacht does not continue to comply with the blue CoP (and Clauses 27.7 and 27.8 of the Annex to MGN280);
  • manning of CSSA yachts in accordance with the blue CoP and Annex 3 of the Annex to MGN 280.

CSSA yachts are coded for operation upto Area Category 2 waters, i.e. up to 60 miles from a safe haven.

1. Areas of Application

Area Category 6To sea, within 3 miles from a nominated departure point(s) and never more than 3 miles from land, in favourable weather and daylight.
Area Category 5 


Table 1 – Deck Manning Requirements Small Vessels in Commercial Use


 CATEGORY 6543210
Skipper qualificationsCertificate of competency – Yachtmaster Ocean (MCA Accepted)Note A🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Certificate of competency or service – Yachtmaster Offshore (MCA Accepted)Note A🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 
RYA/DfT Certificate of competency or service – Coastal SkipperNote A🙂🙂🙂🙂   
RYA/DfT Day Skipper Theory and Practical Certificate

Note A

12 months relevant experience

RYA/DfT Day Skipper Practical Certificate 🙂      
Additional requirementsUnless operating in single handed mode …. A second person capable of assisting the Skipper in an emergency should also be on board 🙂🙂🙂🙂   
There should also be on board a second person deemed by the Skipper to be experienced     🙂  
There should also be on board a second person holding at least an RYA/DfT Certificate of Competency or Service as Coastal Skipper      🙂 
There should also be on board a second person holding at least an RYA/DfT Certificate of Competency as either Yachmaster Ocean or Yachtmaster Offshore       🙂


Note A: Certificate should be noted motor or sail, as appropriate.

Note: Small commercial sailing vessels entering Area Categories 1 or 0 should have aboard someone who has completed the RYA Diesel Engine Course or satisfied the MCA as to their appropriate engineering experience and competency.

CSSA rulings on skippers’ “mates”

CSSA skippers should appoint a skipper’s mate. CSSA recommends that a mate should have the experience and abilities of at least RYA Day Skipper Theory & Practical.

For passages in Area Category 2 waters, i.e. between 20 and 60 miles from a safe haven – the mate should be a person deemed by the Skipper to be experienced as required by the CoP.

For voyages in Area Categories 3, 4 , 5, and 6 a person should be aboard who is capable of assisting the skipper in an emergency as required by the CoP. The skipper should appoint such a person as mate where circumstances permit.